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Our Vision

Morning Star Innovative Pre- Primary School is  a school with a vision of an holistic development of children through hands on learning. Children processing  innate traits of confidence and creativity; the right exposure enables them  to bloom . The school caters to a fun learning experience  through an engaging and integrated  curriculum.

Nuursy School Annual Day

About the Founder

Christine D’costa is a Dynamic Soft Skill, International Teacher Trainer, Passionate Educator, Curriculum Developer and Storyteller. She strongly believes that ‘to teach is to touch lives’. Communication being her forte, has led her to initiate English Literacy programmes for orphanages, street children and housewives

 She has collaborated with various institutes to avail her courses. The Superior Instructional designed courses that meet the requisite objectives are reasonably priced. The Incredible initiative created an   overwhelming response globally for the following courses -A] Public Speaking, b] Integrated Storytelling, c] Creative Writing d] Fun with Phonics, e] English Speaking and f] Personality Development

As a skilled Educator and Soft Skill Trainer she has professionally excelled by moulding highly effective and powerful personalities. Her clientele include corporate professionals at various stages of advancement in their careers, such as doctors, entrepreneur, teachers and commanders from the defence forces have been a part of the programmes and benefited immensely.

 Her core competency is training in Fine Motor Skills, Evaluation, Parenting sessions and 21st century skills. Her trainings for Pre- Primary teachers at national and international forums are thought provoking, full of energy and blended with fun learning for the participants. She has worked on Curriculum designs and has worked with brands like Wonder Kids.  The value based Curriculum is her brain child.

Christine has a decade of experience as a lecturer, at St Xavier’s Junior College.   She is the founder of Morning Star Innovative preschool and CESA English training academy.  A passionate educator who’s committed towards sharing her expertise, creativity and superior instructional strategies has led her to win laurels in the field of Education.

A certified corporate trainer from the prestigious Indian Academy of Training and Development IATD . Christine has completed her M.A in English Literature, B.Ed and M.Ed.  She has also completed her training in Jolly Phonics and Grammar. Her accolades are as follows.

  • A recipient of Teacher’s Elocution [ K- ward Mumbai]

  • Sanjeevni Seed of knowledge award 2020 [ Morning Star Preschool]

  • Nari tu Narayani Samman 2021 [ Morning Star Preschool]

As an Educator her mission is to make learning a joyful and fun filled learning experience through an integrated approach.

Educator Christine Dcosta
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